We provide a secure and trusted platform to exchange sizeable holdings between fiat and digital assets on an OTC basis


What we do

We work according to your requirements and seek to provide a seamless service from on-boarding to prompt trade execution with a focus on significant trade size.

We can source liquidity for the major cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, etc.) as well as other coins for which there are smaller trading volumes.


We source liquidity both through our own holdings, as well as through liquidity partnerships with industry leaders.


    Our Services    

ICO client
Our clients often receive investments in cryptocurrencies, which they may need to exchange into fiat or other crypto. We work with them to source liquidity as required.
Miners are a crucial component of the crypto ecosystem and often take the long view in their crypto positions. We will hold e.g. in bitcoin until a certain price is achieved. We can act quickly when they are ready to sell.
Crypto investor

Some clients have built considerable crypto portfolios and seek to divest or continue to acquire. We support these clients as they adjust their portfolios.

Crypto trader

Several clients actively trade in crypto, and seek to re-balance their portfolios promptly when the market is moving. We help them to achieve fast settlement.

Escrow trading
We have a network of counterparties through which we work to place significant escrow trades through trusted settlement providers.

   Our Fees    

Our fees are competitive, with the lowest fees for trades in the liquid cryptocurrencies with immediately tradable volumes, and higher fees for less liquid markets.


Our fees are always agreed upfront and given in an initial quote, which we will honour before trade placement.


We aim to reward customers for repeat business and this will be reflected in our pricing structure.



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